How to Find the Best Life Insurance Policy for Your Needs

How to Find the Best Life Insurance Policy for Your Needs

  • Published: Jan 02, 2020

We all want to provide for the people we love should we pass away, leaving them with bills and perhaps medical and funeral expenses beyond their ability to pay. When trying to choose a life insurance policy that will take care of the people we love in the event of an untimely passing, we often overlook the fact that we have options, and not all insurance is created equal.

The first thing to determine is what kind of policy will best suit your needs. While term life will carry the lowest premiums, whole life and universal life will accrue a cash value at some future date and can either be redeemed for that amount of money or can be paid in annuities to supplement retirement income. These types of policies cost more but do carry certain future advantages. One advantage is that at some point, it may be possible to take a loan against the value of the policy.

A second factor to consider is that it is possible to get similar coverages and provisions at greater or lesser premiums by shopping around. In the past, when taking out a life insurance policy, the consumer was left to the devices of local insurance agents who perhaps had access to a limited number of underwriters. With the explosion of e-commerce, it is now possible to do some comparison shopping for life insurance from the convenience of your own home. This also allows you to privately discuss various options with the person, or persons, who will be the beneficiaries.

Before deciding on any one policy, take the time to understand some basic life insurance terminology. Often it’s like speaking another language. There are a number of great online sources that can be referenced that will explain some basic life insurance terms. Once you have had a crash course in the language of life insurance, start with an internet search for life insurance quotes, or life insurance rates. Many online agents will have side-by-side comparisons so that you can more accurately weigh the pros and cons of one company over the next.

Choosing the right life insurance policy just adds to your peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones will be provided for in the event of your passing. Since some providers are more reputable than others, it is incumbent upon you to do the legwork. Check online sources, customer reviews and visit the Better Business Bureau online. Knowing that the company who is underwriting your policy has a solid reputation and that you are getting the best price available takes much of the worry off your shoulders.