British Homes and High Theft Risk

British Homes and High Theft Risk

  • Published: Jan 03, 2020

Insurance companies know how much your home and its valuables are worth. And so do thieves, says UK-based insurer Norwich Union. The insurance company conducted a survey of homes to check if houses were prone to burglary. Not your ordinary breaking and entering, but walking in through the door with a legitimate key or entering through a window left open and walking out with all you own.

The study, “Cash for Keys”, only emphasized the fact that as long as there are morons around, there will be thieves and conmen. Norwich Union says that over £750-million worth of household valuables is up for grabs, simply because Britons are not careful with their keys. 

Over 80 percent of the English have at least five sets of keys, and most put all their eggs in one basket; in other words, they keep them all in one place. They label keys according to the doors they open, thus making life simpler for burglars in a hurry by giving them directions to steal. Most people are very trusting – they give spare keys to tradesmen and household help and never get them back – or just plain stupid – they hide their keys under the doormat or under the potted plant, the most obvious places for a thief to look!

Car thieves have also taken to robbing homes, simply because it’s easier to do so. As an added bonus, they get to steal the vehicle keys from the house in question and drive off with the booty in the trunk.

The study urged people to be more careful with their keys, to lock valuables in safes, and ensure that even if you misplace your keys, they don’t leave a highlighted trail that the burglar can follow to your house – in other words, don’t put your address on the keys.