What are the various car insurance options for my teenage children?

What are the various car insurance options for my teenage children?

  • Published: Mar 07, 2020

It’s quite expensive to buy car insurance for your teenage son or daughter. Since males under 25 are charged higher rates for car insurance than other age groups, you also need to choose the car insurance policy wisely. Under 25 age males are considered an extremely risky proposition as statistics have shown that they have the maximum number of accidents.

Adding your teen’s name to your existing car insurance policy
This is still an expensive proposition but it can still get you some discounts. Once your teen gets his or her permanent license, add them to your existing car insurance policy. Some of the discounts that are offered by the car insurance policy include good student, minor child and safe driver.
Getting the teen to buy their car
If you have an expensive car, then it can be quite costly for you to add the teen to the existing car insurance policy. In that case, you can help your teen to buy his car. This will, of course, be a used car but a safe car for your teen. It’s important to take car insurance in your teen’s name. Older cars are less risky than new cars for car insurance companies. The repairs for older cars tend to be less costly than new cars. This means that your car insurance premium payout would be lower.

Before you sign up for any of the car insurance policy, compare the car insurance quotes. This will show you the cheapest car insurance that will work when you want car insurance for your teenage children. When choosing your teen, be ready with the make and the model and the year for the car.

What is my teen takes my car to the college
In case your teen is borrowing the car to take it to college, then in all probability, they will be listed as the principal driver for the car. If the college is out of state, then the car insurance company will ensure that they meet all the car insurance requirements for that state. But if your car insurance company doesn’t operate in the other state, then you would need to buy a separate car insurance policy for the teen in their name in that state.
Since the car insurance quotes can vary from one company to another, it's important that you compare the car insurance rates online before finally purchasing the policy for your teen.



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